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3) Some Articles, ask that you add the author as friend. So it's recommended that you add all of them.
4) In exchange of your vote and/or subscription the author will send you food and/or weapons.
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Listing (Top ones are the newest) (V+S+ write: Sreken rodenden ) (post with a 12 min diff. with the previous poster, and youll win 1g) (V+S+ like FB page) (V+S+ADD) (V+S+ADD) (Only new players) (First 100 votes, no sub needed) (V+S+ADD) (V+S+ADD) (V+S+ADD) (Only lvl 25 or under) (only for lvl 30 or under) (V+S+ADD) (Only for players that started after march 3rd - Just a Comment required) (V+S+ADD) (Only delete a Comment) (1 sub for 1 cc) (Any woman commenting will receive 500 energy) (no V or S, only type in: "happy women's day") (Any woman typing: "Дякую, дуже приємно!" will get 1 Q7) (V+S+ADD) (V+S+ADD) (Type in a comment, for example: so sreka vo RL o7 ) (V+S+ADD) (No Sub needed) (only first 100) (up to lvl 30) (sends once he hits 1k subs) (type in: ''goodbye el Figaro'') (V+S+ADD) (Vote the linked video and publish your vote #) (V+S+ post your link) (V+S+add) (V+S+ADD) (V+S+ADD) (V+S+ADD)  (D1 only, just type in a comment like: "Muy bueno") (V+S+ADD only to players with less than 3k STR) (only if 300+ sub are done in 3 days) (he'll be sending whaen he reaches 435 sub)